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Discover the best kind of of aquaculture aeration with AirOxi Aeration Tubes, renowned for their efficiency and innovation.

As a leading innovator and marketer, AirOxi specializes in aeration tubes, diffusers, and submersible aerators that provide highly efficient and intense aeration in commercial aquaculture farms. Our commitment to constant innovation ensures you have access to the latest and most efficient aeration devices in the market.

Our extensive research enables us to recommend products tailored to various aquaculture techniques, including nurseries, growout ponds, hatcheries, biofloc (BFT) farming, high-density fish farming, high-intensity shrimp aquaculture, Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), and raceway aquaculture. Stay updated with our latest products and advancements by following us on our social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, or connect with us on Twitter.

Customers often seek advice on choosing the right blower for AirOxi tubes and determining the optimal aeration for their specific culture. Find answers to these questions and more by exploring our aeration calculator at and reading our informative blogs at and

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