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AirOxi Aeration tube is one of the most efficient technologies in Aquaculture aeration. AirOxi is a leading innovator and marketer of aeration tubes, aeration diffusers and submersible aerators that provide diffused aeration. We constantly innovate and introduce new products so you can get the latest and most efficient aeration devices. We study and identify the products most suitable for various aquaculture techniques like nurseries, growout ponds, hatcheries, biofloc or BFT farming, high density fish farming, high intensity shrimp aquaculture , Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) or IPRS / raceway aquaculture. Do visit our various social media sites to stay updated. You can subscribe and join us on or watch the latest pictures and videos on or and follow us for latest updates on

Many of our customers often ask us which kind of blower is most suitable for use with AirOxi tube and how much aeration is required in their specific culture. For answer to these and many other questions, please visit our aeration calculator on and read our blogs on and

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