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Low Cost Air Stone and aeration tube specially made for air pumps

AirOxiTM Air Stone and aeration tube specially made for air pumps

Many aquaculture farmers who cultivate some species of fish do not need very high aeration. They need a small air pimp – sometimes one piece of 60 LPM or 120 LPM air pump is also sufficient for one tank. The species and the density of such cultivation is such that the dissolved oxygen consumption is not very high.

For such tanks, aqua farmers prefer to aerate using air pumps and air stones. This is sufficient for them.

However the problem with air stones is that they are relatively difficult to clean and are also expensive if you cannot clean them and have to throw them away.

Traditionally AirOxi tube was suitable for larger tanks but not for air pumps only because the tube size was not compatible with air pumps.

However now AirOxi has made aeration tubes in size suitable for air pumps – 10 mm x 16 mm size - the AirOxi Air Pump size. This tube will fit the regular PVC and silicone tubes that are used with air pumps

Another innovation is the addition of two fittings that can convert the AirOxi tube into a low cost high efficiency substitute for an air stone.


The simple blue reducer is of a size that fits into both – the outlet from air pump and also into the AirOxi tube inside diameter.


To convert the AirOxi Tube into a low cost air stone, simple cut the airoxi tube into a 2 inch or 4 inch piece, plug one end with the end plug and insert this reducer nipple in the other. It’s a ready to use diffuser now. To add weight to make it sink to the bottom, you can tie anything handy that is available. Even tie the old air stone that is too clogged to work now.

The AirOxi air stone substitute costs at most about 10 to 15/- for a 2 inch piece, and 20/- to 25/- for a 4 inch piece. And they are easy to clean, easy to replace.

Most importantly, they provide much better aeration and need much lower pressure to operate than air stones. So there is high no back pressure on the air pump.

For all your aeration needs in fish farming tanks, you can now use AirOxi aeration tube in a different way and now provide the required aeration through air pumps.