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Hole size of various AirOxi tubes

AirOxi Tube – how we assure you high quality in every roll


We at AirOxi tube are very particular about ensuring that every single roll that comes out of the production line is of the highest standards expected from AirOxi.

We perform seven stringent quality checks on every single roll of AirOxi to ensure that when you use our aeration tubes for your aquaculture aeration, the results is always perfect.

One of the latest tests that we perform is to analyse the particle size and hole size in the tube, at regular intervals.

The accompanying pictures show how different models of AirOxi tube have different grain structure and hole size.


High Resolution image of

AIROXI PEARL (Smooth Tube)


High Resolution image of

AIROXI Regular Finish Tube


High Resolution image of

AIROXI XTRA (Rough tube)


As you can see clearly from these images:

  • We ensure proper uniform grain structure in every type and model of AirOxi tube


  • Every type of AirOxi tube is genuinely different – and each is designed for a particular purpose


  • AirOxi Pearl – very smooth finish with very very fine bubbles – 0.2 to 0.5 mm size – ideal for high aeration, low movement like in RAS. When used in not so clean water it may need higher frequency of cleaning.


  • AirOxi regular tube – Medium finish, bubble size 0.5 to 1.0 mm – ideal for most applications like RAS, Biofloc, Growout ponds, Hatcheries, etc. – gives high aeration and moderate water movement with moderate frequency of cleaning


  • AirOxi Xtra – Rough tube with big bubbles for extra water movement and low aeration, and low maintenance. Bubble size is 1.0 mm and above


These are the tubes with major changes in grain structure of the tube. Then of course there is the wide range of sizes and also special application tubes for biofloc aeration like NC-16 and Star.

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