AirOxi Spider
AirOxi Spider ideal aeration device for biofloc aeration

AirOxi Spider is a ready to use plastic hollow base that is 6" wide x 5" high , and it comes with that comes with 6 x 8" AirOxi tubes - total 1.2 mtrs"  connected to a single inlet.

It comes with a 1/2" nipple inlet.

Just the AirOxi base without tubes is also available for making the assembly on field.

Using this you can assemble the AirOxi tubes faster and easier than making frames of PVC pipe or other elaborate fabrication.

The base is hollow so you can fill it with cement or sand and give it required weight to stay at the bottom. 4 Kg mixture of Cement, sand and water is recommended so that when it hardens, the bolted 6 way will be fixed permanently.

Since the threaded inlet is of 1”  you can use inlet nipples of size ½”, ¾” or 1” . 

If you are using a larger inlet like ¾” or 1”, you can even connect two ends of longer AirOxi tube , rather than using end plugs – like making a flower.

We recommend using upto a maximum of 2 mtrs tube if you are using ¾” or 1” inlet.