Scorpion Aerator
For those applications where urgent and additional aeration support is needed for paddle aerators, AirOxi offers the Scorpion Aerator. It is a powerful jet aerator, available in 3 HP and 5 HP models, where the motor remains inside the water and it sucks in air from the surface. The resulting vacuum pushes in the air and water mixture out at a depth of half a meter, thus providing additional aeration.

We offer 2 standard products.
Parameter AirOxi TM Scorpion Aerator Paddle Aerator
Type of aeration Part mechanical and part diffusion Mechanical and surface only
Bubble size / water drop size 20 mm 20 mm
Numbers required per Hectare 2 nos x 5 HP 8 nos x 2 HP each
Total Power required (Standard Aeration Efficiency - SAE) to get same increase in DO levels 10 HP 16 HP
Approximate Biomass support per unit 600 Kg 400 Kg per HP
Approximate Initial Cost INR 1,30,000/-
(2 x 65,000/-)
INR 2,80,000/-
(35,000/- x 8 nos)
DO – Kg / Hour / HP 2.4 Kg 1.4 Kg
SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate)
(time required to increase DO to a certain extent in same conditions using same HP power)
40 minutes 60 minutes
Total Power required 10 HP 16 HP
Stocking Density possible Low to Medium Low to Medium
Noise Levels High High
Use during feeding time NO NO
Moving parts and maintenance Medium High

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