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For all your aeration needs use Spider

Spider is a very versatile product from AirOxi

AirOxi launched the Spider, a ready to use aeration device few years ago. Since then many improvements and modifications have taken place.

All such changes are helping the aeration in aquaculture ponds to become more and more efficient.

Over the years AirOxi has modified the design to make it stronger, to allow it to take more weight and fill more weight. Such design changes makes the spider very versatile and useful in various high density fish farming and use it for aquaculture aeration in nurseries, shrimp nurseries, for biofloc aeration and for RAS aeration.

The 6 way connector at the top can be used to connect airoxi aeration tube in various ways as demonstrated in the picture here. The size of airoxi tube can be also changed from the standard 25 mm to 22 mm, 38 mm or 19 mm


  • It can be used as 8 inch x 6 pieces , totalling 1.2 mtr of airoxi tube
  • It can be looped to use a length of 0.6 mtr x 3 pieces – 1.8 mtr
  • It can also be made into a flower shape to use a total of 8 inch x 6 pieces + 7 inch x 6 pieces , totalling to 2.30 mtr of AirOxi tube

Inlet nipple can be changed to ¾” (0.75 inch) inlet or standard 16 mm (0.5 inch) inlet.

Spider is now available to buy online on the Amazon, Flipkart and also on airoxi website.

Even after so many years, Spider continues to be the most ideal and versatile ready to use aeration diffuser for aquaculture and fish farming, shrimp farming.