• 12/04/2024
Beware of Fake! Are You Buying Genuine AirOxi Tube Product?
AirOxi Tube is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names when it comes to aeration tools, equipment, and solutions. Aeration is of immense importance in case of fish farming and the fish farmers are always in search of premium quality aeration solutions. This is where AirOxi steps in, to provide comprehensive and quality aeration solutions to enable fish farmers to obtain the desired results.
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  • 10/04/2024
Which AirOxi Aeration tube is suitable for your Aquaculture Pond
In fish and shrimp aquaculture, maintaining optimal oxygen levels is paramount for the health and productivity of aquatic organisms. Among the various aeration solutions available, AirOxi tubes stand out as efficient and versatile aeration diffusers for delivering oxygen to aquaculture ponds. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of AirOxi tubes, exploring their sizes, types, and applications in various aquaculture settings.
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  • 05/04/2024
What Kind of Aeration is Suitable for Biofloc Aquaculture
Aeration is of immense importance in aquaculture. For the purpose of biofloc aquaculture, BFT or biofloc technology is the most appropriate solution for aeration. Biofloc technology is a specialised technique of enhancing the quality of water in aquaculture by creating an appropriate balance between carbon and nitrogen in the aquaculture system. BFT or biofloc technology has gained a lot of importance in recent times as it is a sustainable method to control water quality along with the added advantage of producing proteinaceous feed in situ. BFT is an environmentally friendly aquaculture technique that is based on in-situ microorganism production. Fishes and shrimps are grown in an intensive way with zero or minimum water exchange, where farming is done in minimum of 300 g of biomass per square meter.
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  • 03/04/2024
Which blower suitable for Aquaculture?
At AirOxi we have been making and testing various types of diffusers since many years. And hence we have also tested and also seen in field various blowers. So based on our experience we have tried to provide some guidance here, on which blower will be the most suitable for your culture. However as a policy we do not recommend any particular brand, and advise readers to study the technical data of available makes and models, in order to make a decision most suitable for their culture.
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  • 29/03/2024
AirOxi launches low choking aeration tubes specially for Biofloc Aquaculture (BFT) and Nurseries
AirOxi now offers three specially designed aeration tubes especially for Biofloc culture and Nurseries, where floating particles are high and choking happens often.
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  • 27/03/2024
AirOxi New Tubes Made Specially for Biofloc Culture
Aeration tubes, as can be understood from the name, are specialized tubes that play a crucial role in aquaculture or aquaponics. These tubes play a vital role in increasing the level of dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture medium. AirOxi has been a leader in providing premium quality, advanced, as well as modern aquaculture systems and solutions. The new AirOxi tubes are specially made for biofloc aquaculture, and are readily preferred by a huge volume of users.
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  • 22/03/2024
AirOxi Octopus - Submersible Aerator
AirOxi Octopus has been the latest addition to the entire collection of AirOxi aeration systems and solutions. AirOxi takes pride in being one of the leading aeration tools, systems, and solutions provider catering to the specific needs of different fish farmers. In this collection of AirOxi Octopus, the submersible aerator is the latest addition to the collection. This AirOxi submersible aerator is another of the very good aeration tool and serves great purposes in aquaculture.
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  • 20/03/2024
AirOxi Spider - Now Enhanced with Better Fitting and Heavier Weight Capacity
We cannot ignore the importance of aeration in fish farming or biofloc aquaculture. It is precisely why the fish farmers are in continuous search of the best quality and highly functional aeration system. AirOxi is undoubtedly a leading name in manufacturing premium quality aeration tools, equipment, and systems to appropriately cater to the varied needs of aquaculture or fish farming along with a number of other applications such as transportation of fish, fish tanks, tank aeration and biofloc technology - BFT. The recently upgraded Spiders for aeration systems from AirOxi are technically advanced and extremely efficient to ideally serve the intended purpose of use without giving any fish farmer even a single chance to complain.
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  • 15/03/2024
AirOxi Star – The New Design AirOxi to Get Good Water Movement of Floc in A Biofloc Tank
AirOxi Star is a specialised aeration tube consisting of three tubes combined in the shape of a star, and hence the name. The star design of the product makes it extremely efficient as well as effective to deliver the intended results in the best possible manner. The new AirOxi Star is specially designed for better movement of floc in a biofloc tank. The team at AirOxi has put in a lot of research and dedication to come up with the unique and innovative idea for creating AirOxi Star.
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  • 13/03/2024
Preparing Your Existing Shrimp Farming Pond for Restocking
Restocking shrimp in an existing pond or tank requires careful preparation to ensure the optimal conditions for shrimp growth and survival. Whether you're replenishing your shrimp stock after a harvest or introducing new batches, proper preparation is essential for maintaining water quality, minimizing stress, and maximizing productivity. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to prepare your existing shrimp farming facility for restocking.
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  • 06/03/2024
AirOxi Smooth Tube For Aeration In Hatcheries
Oxygen is indispensable to the operations of aquaculture systems. Anything below than the standard level, can cause a degraded water quality and FCR or feed conversion ratios, increased mortality, and also lower growth. Simply put, aeration plays a life-saving role in the success story of your fish farming.
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  • 01/03/2024
AirOxi Tubes Are The Best Aeration Tubes For High-Density Fish Farming And Biofloc
The most cost intensive factors in the field of aquaculture include investment in pond-space, high quality feed, and of course filtration systems. Investments are requisite for offering sufficient space to cultivate and proliferate target species. In times of the burgeoning costs of production, researchers and farmers are developing ways to generate more seafood by using less resources.
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  • 28/02/2024
How To Minimize Maintenance And Cleaning Of AirOxi Tubes
The most cost intensive factors in the field of aquaculture include a feed of high quality, investment and of course filtration systems. Investments are requisite for offering sufficient space to cultivate and proliferate target species. In times of the burgeoning costs of production, researchers and farmers are encountering ways to generate more seafood, while making use of lesser resources. In order to ensure that our customers can increase their profit margins by cutting down on their cost of production while using AirOxi Tube here are few major tips to minimize maintenance and cleaning of AirOxi Tubes.
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  • 21/02/2024
Various Plug And Play Submersible Aerators For Grow Out Fish Ponds
Ponds used for raising freshwater high density fish farming should have some basic features. A good supply of freshwater is important, and the soil must have excellent water-retention qualities. Soft or hard water of acceptable quality is the preferred water source for raising freshwater high density fish farming. Yet, in spite of these features many a times grow out fish ponds fails to deliver quality yield. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the lack of proper aeration. In order to ensure high yields from these grow out ponds AirOxi brings to you various plug and play submersible aerators that will help you improve your yield in different grow out fish ponds.
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  • 16/02/2024
AirOxi: Pioneering Aquaculture Advancements Through NFDB Empanelment
In the dynamic world of aquaculture, where innovation and reliability are paramount, AirOxi stands out as an example of excellence. With its 2nd time empanelment with the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), AirOxi has solidified its position as a trusted partner in the aquaculture industry. This partnership not only underscores AirOxi's commitment to quality but also assures aquafarmers seeking the best aeration systems for their aqua farms.
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  • 14/02/2024
Aeration Solutions for Hydroponics
Hydroponics is the specialty of cultivating without soil. Hydroponics is a Latin word signifying "working water." Without soil; water goes to work giving supplements, hydration, and oxygen to vegetation.
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  • 09/02/2024
AirOxi – NC 16 mm –The Best Performing Low Cost And Maintenance Aeration Tube
The process of aeration summons of approaches to ensure the process, by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance. Aeration acquires water and air in close contact to eliminate disintegrated gases and to oxidize broke up metals, including iron, hydrogen sulfide, and unstable natural synthetic substances. The effectiveness of aeration relies upon the measure of surface contact among air and water. This is essentially constrained by the size of the water drop or air bubble. Aeration gets water and air close contact by uncovering drops or meager sheets of water to the air or by presenting little air pockets of air and allowing them to ascend through the water. This in turn breaks down the gases which are then eliminated from the solution to escape into the encompassing air.
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  • 07/02/2024
Rigorous Testing Ensures AirOxi Products Are Of Top Quality And Better Than Cheap Knockoffs
How are AirOxi tubes better than cheap knock-offs and Chinese tubes. Rigorous quality testing of every coil of AirOxi aeration tube – you can watch our testing videos on our youtube channel or contact us for more information Continuous feedback from our customers and farmers on the product quality and the various suggestions they have for improvement Research on latest materials and technologies available to develop new products for the diffused aeration industry
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  • 02/02/2024
AirOxi XTRA a specialized tube for improving biofloc aquaculture
AirOxi XTRA a specialized tube for improving biofloc aquaculture. Comes with rougher surface finish and bigger micro holes with minimum need for maintenance and cleaning. For more information visit:
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  • 31/01/2024
AirOxi Pearl Aeration Tube for Aeration in Aquaculture
AirOxi Pearl is a smooth finish very fine bubble aeration tube. The tube is designed to give very fine bubbles even with higher air flow. It needs more pressure, and the holes are very fine so the SOTR – Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate and hence the dissolved oxygen in the system is much higher than traditional aeration tubes for more information visit:
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  • 27/01/2024
Biofloc Aeration Solutions For High-Density Fish Farming
An aeration solution is vital to the success of high-density fish farming - the dissolved oxygen level in the water contributes to better quality and higher yield during fish farming. So if you are invested in a Biofloc model for fish farming, then a proper Biofloc aeration solution is the right approach to achieve high-density fish farming.
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  • 24/01/2024
AirOxi Oxygen Concentrator - An Ideal Solution For Hatcheries
To provide assistance with aeration solution and dissolve oxygen levels in your hatcheries AirOxi Tube brings you oxygen concentrator, that works as an ideal aeration solution for the hatcheries and the nurseries.
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  • 06/10/2022
Hole size of various AirOxi tubes Test
Various AirOxi tubes have different particle structure and hole size from very fine micro bubbles to large bubbles. This blog shows with pictures how we control and manage the various grain structures to ensure you get the best quality aeration tubes
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  • 08/12/2023
Increasing Shrimp Nursery Efficiency with AirOxi Aeration Tubes
The user-friendly design of AirOxi tubes facilitates easy installation and maintenance, reducing downtime and streamlining nursery operations.
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  • 13/12/2023
A simple way to reduce cost in shrimp culture
The 3 largest input costs for a shrimp farm are: - Cost of feed - Cost of seed - Cost of aeration
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  • 20/12/2023
Aeration system that is a reliable method for your aquaculture aeration needs
Usually, Biofloc aquaculture is done in tanks or small-sized ponds, often indoors or covered in shade, in order to manage them better. This results in a smaller surface area of the water exposed to the atmosphere and hence the natural dissolution of oxygen is less.
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  • 22/12/2023
How to decide the type of Aeration Equipment for different types of fish farms and ponds?
Different Aeration Options From Airoxi – For All Types Of Ponds From Hatcheries To Nurseries, Grout, Biofloc, RAS or IPRS
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  • 27/12/2023
Best aeration for fresh water fish culture
One of the best methods for fish culture is diffused aeration. With this method the bubbles from the bottom of the pond or tanks provide high DO across the tanks or pond.
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  • 29/12/2023
AirOxi Spider with AirOxi STAR Aeration Tube for High Movement & Low Blocking
AirOxi Spider is ready to use aeration set which offers an extremely convenient aeration solution. AirOxi Star is a unique product of AirOxi developed for Biofloc aquaculture, and it consists of troughs and crests in the shape of a star, and hence the name. The star design is patented by AirOxi and is the first of its kind in the world.
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  • 03/01/2024
AirOxi Micro Bubble Generator For Hatcheries
Hatcheries are vital; they help nurture juvenile fish in controlled environments, the better the fish or shrimp development at the early stages the better the chances of yield when the hatchlings are transferred to the grout ponds. Hatcheries and nurseries require high oxygenation which facilitated high density fish / shrimp farming.
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  • 05/01/2024
Different Aeration Options From Airoxi – For All Types Of Ponds From Hatcheries To Nurseries, Grow out, Bio Floc, RAS or IPRS
Are you into aquaculture or fish farming and require regular aeration solution for your business? We have got you covered. At AirOxi Tube we provide complete aeration solution for all types of ponds, hatcheries, nurseries, grout ponds, Biofloc, RAS and IPRS.
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  • 10/01/2024
Breathe Easy, Grow Big: AirOxi Tube - The Oxygen Hero for India's High-Density Fish & Shrimp Farms
Across India, waters are teeming with possibilities. Fish farmers chase dreams of bountiful harvests, and shrimp ponds bubble with ambition. But packing more fins and claws into smaller spaces demands one invisible hero: high dissolved oxygen (DO). Enter AirOxi Tube, a tried and tested aeration technology that's changing the landscape for high-density aquaculture in India.
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  • 12/01/2024
Introducing Two Types of Aeration Tubes – New and Improved – One For Grow-out And One For Nurseries
Are you looking for a perfect aeration solution for your aquaculture farms? Then we have good news for you. Introducing two new and improved tubes for your grow-out ponds and nurseries 1. 25 mm, Blue line – for salt water 2. 25 mm, Green line – for fresh water with algae resistance 3. NC-16– A revolutionary product - Low thickness with bigger bubbles, with low-cost and low maintenance 4. 5 mm low pressure tube, Yellow line – Low pressure tube for salt water 5. 5 mm low pressure tube, Yellow Green line – Algae resistant low-pressure tube for fresh water Let’s walk you through our new range of grow-out pond and nursery tubes.
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  • 17/01/2024
AirOxi Ceramic Plate Diffuser - Advantages And Applications
Are you invested in business of hatcheries and looking for a perfect fine bubble diffuser that can support your dissolved oxygen level? Well we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing AirOxi Ceramic plate diffuser, a one of a kind product that can not only provide you with fine bubbles you are looking for, but also can fulfill your need for better dissolved oxygen level.
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  • 19/01/2024
Scorpion Aerator - The Ideal Plug And Play Subsurface Aerator
Are you a progressive aquaculture farmer? Then you must know the importance of aeration! At AirOxi Tube we also believe that a sound aeration system is the bedrock for success in aquaculture. So in order to provide good dissolved oxygen, aeration process for grow out ponds of fish and shrimp, AirOxi offers a range of sub surface diffused aeration products – the best among them being the Scorpion Aerator.
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  • 12/05/2021
Which type of blower is most suitable for aquaculture aeration
#what blower should I use for biofloc, #best blower for aquaculture, #best blower for biofloc. Aeration in aquaculture is becoming more and more important with the increase in stocking density and use of new age farming methods like RAS, biofloc and IPRS (or raceway system as it is often called).
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  • 12/10/2022
For all your aeration needs use Spider
Spider is a very versatile and popular product for aeartion in fish farms. But many farmers use only the standard featuers. The AirOxi Spider can be used in many ways with different inlets and outlets can also be changed
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  • 14/06/2022
AirOxiTM Algae Resistant Tubes: Genuinely tested for it
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  • 20/10/2021
Getting high Dissolved Oxygen in RAS aquaculture
Aeration in RAS systems is vastly different from regular aqauclture or biofloc systems. It needs high SOTR , high efficiency aeration systems.
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  • 13/07/2022
Special tubes for Growout pond and nurseries
Introducing Two Types of Aeration Tubes – New and Improved – One For Grow-out And One For Nurseries
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  • 04/03/2021
AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine
Do you engage in high density farming in aquaculture or biofloc? Then you must be using diffused aeration through aeration tubes and maybe aware of the challenges of aeration! One such major challenge that all farmers dealing with aquaculture encounter from time to time, is related to the cleaning of aeration pipes. The main reason behind this being the sporadic use of the aeration pipes. This often results in clogging the pipes with dirt and impurities,
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  • 08/06/2020
How to get directional water movement with aeration
AirOxi King Spider provides aeration as well as directional flow of water in biofloc tanks and growout ponds
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  • 16/03/2022
Options in Aeration for different types of ponds
Different aeration options from AirOxi– for all types of ponds from hatcheries to nurseries, growout, Biofloc, RAS or IPRS
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  • 19/11/2018
Why Are sub surface Aerators An Ideal Solution For Aquaculture Farmers?
The sub surface Aerator – AIRE-O2 Aspirator forms a vacuum by bringing in air down through shaft into water. Water is forced out horizontally by propeller beyond the shaft’s end at high speed. Through intake ports, above water line, the air is drawn and it travels through hollow drive shaft ready to be spread in huge
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  • 25/08/2022
Low Cost Air Stone and aeration tube specially made for air pumps
AirOxi tube presents a unique low cost way to make your own air stones
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