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Why Are sub surface Aerators An Ideal Solution For Aquaculture Farmers?
The sub surface Aerator – AIRE-O2 Aspirator forms a vacuum by bringing in air down through shaft into water. Water is forced out horizontally by propeller beyond the shaft’s end at high speed. Through intake ports, above water line, the air is drawn and it travels through hollow drive shaft ready to be spread in huge plume through water. The oxygen gets longer time of contact with water due to diffusion into fine bubbles (about 2.0 mm dia). Plume size differs with aspirator/aerator size which can be 2-100 HP. If these are placed in proper manner can lead to linking of flow and delivering mixing dispersion of oxygen thoroughly within full basin regardless of size/shape. Elimination of dead spots. Its features include:
High oxygen transfer, easy installation, dependable, extended service life, low maintenance, highly energy-efficient, superior winter performance, no aerosols, simplifies retrofits and upgrades.
The AIRE-O2 Aspirator is advantageous over other traditional methods of aeration.
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In comparison to Paddlewheel Aerators AIRE-O2 are more user friendly. It helps in de-stratification of water column in pond thus helping circulation of O2 levels. Thus creating harmony of O2 level and Temperature. It has lower cost of maintenance due to only one propeller movement. No extra additional lubrication required for functioning. Due to absence of gear box so no requirement for mechanism. It is light weight which gives it more edge over other heavier paddlewheel. Its light weight also lends to easy portability. It has optimum O2 transfer capacity. It has quality craftsmanship, and is made of high tech composition materials with corrosion free elements.
In comparison to submersible aerators AIRE-O2 produces fine bubbles that gives better oxygen dispersion and O2 transfer in pond compared to the big bubbles produced by submersible. Since motor is surface mounted no contact with water thus causing less corrosion. 90-95% operating rate thus providing farmer with maximum payback for the amount invested. Little to no loss of efficiency as design is simple, direct drive hollow shaft. Multiple angle design allows ability to mix all sizes and pond depths.