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Options in Aeration for different types of ponds

Are you into aquaculture or fish farming and require regular aeration solution for your business? We have got you covered. At AirOxi we provide complete aeration solution for all types of ponds, hatcheries, nurseries, growout ponds, Biofloc, RAS and IPRS.

Let’s walk you through the different aeration options we have for different types of environment.

Aeration for Growout Pond

To help you with proper aeration solution for your growout pond, we have the scorpion aerator. It is a ready to use, plug and play aeration device and is available in 3HP and 5HP models. It is a powerful jet aerator that sucks in air from the surface and pushes the air into the water to mix out at a depth of half a meter. It is a highly efficient alternative to paddle wheel aerator and provides movement of water in all direction. With an easy to assemble design, Scorpion Aerators are one of a kind aeration system that can provide a fast and immediate aeration solution for all types of growout ponds – whether fresh water or brackish water, whether for fish farming or shrimp farming.

Aeration solution for Growout ponds, Biofloc and RAS environment

To help you with complete aeration solution for your growout pond, Biofloc and RAS environment we bring you AirOxi Spider and Air King Spider.

AirOxi Spider– It is a ready to use aeration set which offers extremely convenient aeration solution. The product is ideally suited to be used in Biofloc tanks and for mobile aeration system at the time of transportation of fishes or seeds. The product comes in a ready to use diffuser with weights to hold the diffuser down. There is simply no need of additional labor cost of assembly of the system and with the inclusion of all the required parts in the set, the need of buying fittings separately is also eliminated. Further with about 3 Kg weight carrying capacity, AirOxi Spider offers the most convenient yet highly effective aeration solution.

AirOxi King Spider– It is a uniquely designed diffuser specially for tanks and it gives water rotation and flow in a particular direction along with aeration, without using any additional power. The AirOxi King spider is ideal equipment for rotation as well as directional flow that works even in sludge. The AirOxi King Spider can be used simultaneously with regular AirOxi spider to give additional movement to the water. AirOxi King Spider can also function alone when there is continuous requirement of water rotation. Further it is also possible to connect AirOxi King Spider to a regular blower with regular ½ inch inlet pipe, making the process aeration easier and simpler for users.

Aeration Solution for Nurseries

To help you with complete aeration solution for your nurseries we bring you AirOxi Micro bubble generator and Oxygen Concentrator with ceramic plate diffusers.

AirOxi Micro Bubble Generator– It is the perfect technology to improve DO level in nurseries with very fine bubbles and limited water movement. The micro bubble generator dissolves very high percentage of air and the rate of increase of DO is very fast. This improves water quality, decrease mortality rate, minimize stress, and prevent pathogens and red tide, enhancing the yield of your nurseries in the process. The micro bubble generator provides a 3 to 5 LPM flow rate, which you can control as per your requirement.

Oxygen Concentrator- The AirOxi Oxygen Concentrator has a discharge capacity of 93% pure oxygen of 10 liters of oxygen per minute. The oxygen concentrators are an ideal aeration solution for nurseries to improve yield as it can function in temperatures ranging from 5 – 40 degree Celsius making it an imperial solution to be used in almost all climates. When used to fill bags for seed transportation , they save substantial cost that hatcheries spend on oxygen cylinders

Aeration solution for Hatcheries

To help you with complete aeration solution for your hatcheries, we bring you oxygen concentrator with dehumidifier. The oxygen concentrator provides a flow rate of 10 LPM with very high dissolved oxygen level in water – almost up to 30 ppm. Further usage of ceramic plate provides 2 – 3 LPM air flow creating a perfect environment for your hatcheries.

Aeration solution for IPRS

To help you with complete aeration solution for your IPRS we bring you turbine blower with directional grid a 1HP two stage turbine blower that can help with higher air flow than the single stage blower and with substantial more pressure. Further the use of directional grid ensure the proper direction flow and pressure creation and ideal aeration solution for IPRS where you get water flowing rapidly along with high dissolved oxygen.

Aeration solution for Cage Culture

To help you with complete aeration solution for your cage culture environment AirOxi brings you root blower with AirOxi tube a 1HP blower that provides air and sufficient pressure against the water head of 4 to 10 feet creating the perfect aeration environment for your cage culture fisheries.

These solutions are just few of the long list of aeration solution that AirOxi provides. So if you are looking for a perfect aeration solution for any aquaculture environment, then AirOxi is the right step moving forward. To know more about aeration solution you can get in touch with us.

Why Choose Us

AirOxi is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names in the field of providing premium quality aeration systems for effective fish farming. AirOxi offers a wide array of tools and equipment for providing the right aeration precisely as per the requirements of the fish farmers. Further users can get all types of aeration system that is best suited for their aquaculture with us. If you wish to know more about the artificial aeration system, get in touch with the expert team at AirOxi.