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AirOxiTM Algae Resistant Tubes: Genuinely tested for it

Many farmers, consultants and professionals in aquaculture are aware of benefits of diffused aeration. AirOxi has been innovating and launching new products for aquaculture farming ever since its inception.

Of the various products innovated and launched by AirOxi, one of the most popular has been the Algae Resistant Aeration Tube – very popular because of its green line marking. This algae resistant tube is very useful for low salinity water where algae and other microbes can make colonies in the aeration tube.

The green line marking was introduced first time in the world by AirOxi to differentiate the regular AirOxi tube which does not have such an anti-algal and anti-fungal additive.

The benefits of such an additive are quite high especially in fresh water where microbes can make a colony and grow in the sponge like body of the aeration tube. With this additive, such growth is minimized and harmful pathogens do not easily grow on the tube. And yet the additive used is a silver nano based additive that does not contaminate the aquaculture pond with any chemicals.

The pictures given here are samples tested in a lab with control samples – similar tubes of plastic without these additives. The pictures clearly show that AirOxi / Airoxy green line tubes are anti microbial

Hence for aeration in nurseries, biofloc (BFT) and for freshwater farming, the aeration tubes recommended are the green line algae resistant ones.

Soon green line became synonymous with anti-microbial aeration tubes. Unfortunately this soon began to be copied by cheap substitutes like imports from China or those making aeration tube from low grade raw materials which don’t pass the quality standards of AirOxi. And these cheap options started to give a green line marking to their aeration tubes, without adding any anti-microbial additives. Since the property is not visible, and is known only once it is used in the fish farm, they can get away with such misinformation.


After the successful trials and use of the 25 mm AriOxi Algae Resistant tube, AirOxy also launched the same formulation in 22.5 mm tube which is made specially to be used with ring blowers and star tube which is made for biofloc aeration. These also are of the same high quality and with anti-microbial additives expected from AirOxi.


Aeration is a very important element in any aquaculture farm, whether a nursery, biofloc or growout pond aeration in fish farms or shrimp farms.  For the safety of your ponds, we recommend that you use genuine anti microbial aeration tubes. Do ensure that whenever you buy a green line tube, you ask for pictures or lab test reports as proof.