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AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine

Introducing AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine

Do you engage in high density farming in aquaculture or biofloc? Then you must be using diffused aeration through aeration tubes and maybe aware of the challenges of aeration! One such major challenge that all farmers dealing with aquaculture encounter from time to time, is related to the cleaning of aeration pipes. The main reason behind this being the sporadic use of the aeration pipes. This often results in clogging the pipes with dirt and impurities, which in turn affects the efficiency of aeration for which the pipes are used. In order to help aqua farmers to quickly deal with this problem of tubes or pipes clogging, AirOxi brings you Tube Cleaning Machine. This is an ideal equipment which can quickly remove the sludge, hardness, floc, feed and other impurities collected on the aeration tubes. It is suitable for 25 mm / 1 inch aeration tube

Let’s take a look at AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine and how it can be a great addition to your aquaculture farms.


What is AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine?

The AirOxi tube cleaning machine is a mechanical device that functions on electrical power to clean aeration tubes. The machine comes with a 0.5 HP electrical motor which is connected with a metal hollow structure that houses the AirOxi Cleaning Clamps. The metal hollow structure rotates at a very fast speed to clean the surface of aeration or other aquaculture tube, to make the tubes free off any dirt and impurities, which may result in clogging of the tubes. The Tube Cleaning device by AirOxi can be opened and the clamps can be removed and changed periodically whenever needed, to get the maximum benefit out of the machine. The clamps are low cost and easy to replace

Advantages AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine

The AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine can assist your farm in many different ways, the major benefits of AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine are reflected below:

  • Faster cleaning of tubes
  • More efficient cleaning of aeration tubes
  • Low labour required – one person can operate it easily
  • Although it can clean wet and dry tubes, it works best if the tube is dried for 1 day and then it becomes easier to scrape off the sludge
  • The impurities are scraped off the surface and not pushed inside, like when using a wire brush. So it is a much better way to clean the tubes
  • Many of our customers use the cleaning clamps already but had to do it manually. This now offers a more efficient and better cleaning process.
  • The AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine is a onetime low cost investment for your farm with a payback period of just one season if we consider the labour saved

To provide our customers with an idea of the machine and the simplicity of its use, please click on the link below to know how the AirOxi’s Tube Cleaning Machine functions:


So if you use diffused aeration in grow out ponds or biofloc or nurseries, then AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine is just the device you need for greater flexibility. To know more about AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine or business related you can get in touch with us.

Why Choose Us

AirOxi is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names in the field of providing premium quality devices for effective fish farming and aquaculture. AirOxi offers a wide array of components and equipment for providing support to fish farmers. Our new product AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine is just one of the many successful products, we have launched for aquaculture and fish farming. Users can get our AirOxi Tube Cleaning Machine which is ideal for cleaning of standard size 25 mm / 1 inch aeration tubes If you wish to know more about the AirOxi’s Tube Cleaning Machine, get in touch with our expert team at AirOxi for getting the best info in this regard.