Airoxi Algae Resistant Tube - for use with root blower
Product Name : AirOxi Algae Resistant Tube
Product Code : AO125250-AR
Generic Name : Aeration Tube
Brand Name : AirOxiTM Tube

Elastomeric blended compound of various polymers and additives. Silver based additive added to the Elastomeric compound for providing mild to moderate anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-algal properties.
Regulatory Compliance
RoHS compliant material (RoHS Directive 2001/95/EC Amendment 2011/65/EU). Test Report available on request
Tube properties
(Approximate values and range given here, since actual values will differ widely)

Inside Diameter      

12.5 mm (tolerance +/- 0.5 mm)

Outside Diameter   

25.0 mm (tolerance +/- 0.5 mm)

Wall Thickness       

6.25 mm (tolerance (+/- 0.25 mm)

Micro Hole size      

0.5 to 2.0 mm

Micro Hole Density 

1300 to 1800 per meter

Designed Air Flow  

1.8 to 2.4 m3 / hour. However when calculated as direct output of blower air, this should be considered as 1.5 to 2.0 m3/hr

Bubble Diameter

1 to 2 mm depending on water depth, air pressure, water salinity, etc.

Effective working area

– 3 to 8 m2 per mtr (will vary depending on stocking density and type of culture in which it is used)

Oxygen utilization rate (%)

10 to 20%

Oxygenation capacity

0.1 to 0.2 Kg of O2 per mtr per hr depending on use

Burst Pressure

50 PSI

Effective water depth

0 to 3 mtr

Recommended blower size to tube ratio

20 to 30 mtr. per HP of blower (30 to 40 mtr. per KW of blower) depending on water depth and air flow pressure

Operating temperature range

0o Celsius to 50o Celsius



Air Flow – Depends on blower size and output. At 2 PSIpressure and 1 mtr water head, Average flow rate per mtr is approximately 30 Ltrs per minute (1.8 m3 / hr). However since bursting is not a concern, the air flow can increase as high as required by increasing blower and motor size. This is not however useful for aeration purpose since the flow will be too high to have any meaningful dissolution of air.

Bubble size – varies with depth of installation and blower pressure. At 1.5 mtr depth, bubble size at exit of tube is less than 1 mm, at a pressure of 2.0 PSI. However it will change depending on salinity, air flow from blower, pressure, water depth, etc.

Usage instructions for better results
  • For best results, ensure all piping and joints are free of air leakage
  • Install at a height of at least 12” above floor of the pond. If it is PE lined pond then the tube can be installed at 6” above bottom.
  • Install on all sides of the pond
  • Operate as long as possible, preferably 24 / 7 to avoid any choking of the micro holes
  • Minimum bending radius – 0.3 mtr
  • Fittings to be used are ½” / 16 mm fittings
  • Minimum Inlet pipe size – ½’ / 12 mm